4 Times Chungha Proved She Was A Good Friend Through Her Answers in Sunmi’s “What If” Game

Chungha really nailed all the questions with good answers!

Chungha appeared in Showterview With Sunmi and revealed the true nature of their friendship with her responses to the “What If” game.

Sunmi and Chungha reminisced a bit about their friendship, recalling how they first met six years ago when they met in the same make-up salon before their appearance on Weekly Idol. Sunmi initiated their conversation and even asked for her number before they separated.

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Dressed in pajamas, Sunmi and Chungha were lounging casually dressed in pajamas, seated on the floor, while Sunmi gave Chungha “What If ” scenarios to test their friendship.

1. Zombie or Dinasaur

The first question was, which would Chungha prefer: being a zombie to bite Sunmi or being a dinosaur to prey on Sunmi? Chungha said she would rather be a zombie so that when she bites Sunmi, they can be zombies together.

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2. Turnover the spy for money

The next scenario was if Sunmi were a spy, would she turn over Sunmi if the reward was ₩5.00 billion KRW (about $3.52 million USD)? What about ₩10.0 billion KRW (about $7.03 million USD)? In both cases, Chungha responded no because Sunmi was her unnie (older sister).

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3. Split the lottery winnings

Sunmi’s third scenario was if Sunmi had a lottery ticket and gave it to Chungha, what would Chungha do if she won ₩60.0 billion KRW (about $42.2 million USD) from that lottery ticket? Chunga quickly responded that she would share the winnings with her unnie.

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4. Boyfriend vs. Best Friend

Lastly, Sunmi asked, what if Chungha had a boyfriend that did not get along well with Sunmi because he was a cheater? Chungha said in the first place; she wouldn’t date someone with bad boy vibes. Sunmi also said that if she knew the guy was a cheater, she would tell Chungha beforehand.

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Although the scenarios were at best funny, Chungha’s answers were well thought out and considerate of their good friendship. It was a good moment to watch the two friends be affectionate and openly praise each other for their achievements.


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