4 Times The (G)I-DLE Members Inspired Us All With Their Own Self-Love

“I’ll always continue loving my confident self this way.” — Shuhua

Loving yourself isn’t always easy, but (G)I-DLE have become pros at it. Here are 4 times the members inspired us all with their own self-love.

1. Soojin’s tattoo

Soojin has numerous tattoos, from the heart on her shoulder to the hidden cherry, but her most inspirational tattoo is the quote on her left arm: “self love is the best love”.

What better way to live your life with confidence than to emblazon self-love on your body?

2. Shuhua’s beauty standards

One unique thing about Shuhua is that she often doesn’t conform to industry beauty ideals. She never dyes her hair, and she frequently appears in public or on social media without makeup. Netizens questioned Shuhua’s choice of appearance since debut, so back in April 2019, she finally set them straight.

In posts on Weibo and Instagram, Shuhua gave fans her perspective on beauty. She said that while she respects the beauty ideals that other people love, she prefers a natural look and enjoys being exactly who she is.

I like being natural, and I like myself the way I am. Even if you think it’s a flaw of mine, I think it’s precious and important. This is what I think of beauty. No matter how you judge me behind my back, I’ll always continue loving my confident self this way.

— Shuhua

Shuhua’s message of self-love resonated with almost 300,000 fans who liked the post on Instagram. She went on to share some words of wisdom for those struggling with loving themselves.

If you have your own strengths and merits, you are incomparable.

— Shuhua

3. Soyeon’s lyrics

Soyeon has been writing songs since before (G)I-DLE even debuted, and she’s written the lyrics for almost all of the group’s songs to date. She recently wrote (G)I-DLE’s entire third mini album, I Trust.

The title track, “Oh My God”, appears to have a cryptic message at first, and Neverlands struggled to work out its meaning. But at the group’s showcase, Soyeon revealed the truth of the lyrics: the song compares feelings of love between two people to the feeling of self-love and confidence.

I took love as a metaphor for the process of trusting oneself no matter what kind of reality they’re in.

— Soyeon

4. Yuqi’s praise

During the making of I Trust, Yuqi monitored her shoot like all idols do. Everyone knows it’s hard not to be critical of yourself in such situations, but Yuqi’s reaction to the shooting was completely different.

Instead of finding flaws, Yuqi looked fondly at her shoot, telling herself how pretty she looked. When the cameraman asked her which concept suits her best, she smiled and replied, “All of them.”

You’re so pretty, Yuqi-yah… Every concept fits me, huh?

— Yuqi