4 Times GOT7 Hilariously Didn’t Realize They Were On Camera

No need to be embarrassed!

GOT7 are always funny whether on purpose or not!

GOT7 | @got7/Twitter

GOT7 are known for their fun and wild image on and off camera. The group have no shame in acting out and being their true selves.

The only time it seems like something embarrasses them is when they are caught off guard! Here are four times GOT7 didn’t realize they were on camera:

1. Dancing King

In this short clip from the MAMA Awards in 2018, BamBam is shown dancing to Momoland‘s “Bboom Bboom”, before realizing the camera is focused on him.

2. This happens to BamBam pretty often.

BamBam is often a victim to being unaware of when cameras are on him. During the 2017 MAMA Awards, BamBam was caught singing his heart out during Wiz Khalifa‘s performance of “See You Again.”

3. Just pretend nothing happened.

During promotions for “NaNaNa”, GOT7 made a full group appearance on MBC RADIO GOT7 Youngjae’s Best Friend broadcast. The group had fun together and were able to relax with each other! Jackson was so relaxed in fact, he let loose a big yawn before remembering the radio show is live broadcasted!

4. Yawning is actually contagious.

In a behind the scenes for Yumi’s Cells Season 2, Jinyoung is shown yawning between photos before figuring out he’s being recorded.