Here Are 4 Times iKON’s Ju-ne Hilariously Rejected Fan Proposals

Those poor iKONICs never stood a chance!

iKON‘s Ju-ne has received numerous proposals from iKONICs over the years who hope that maybe one day they can steal his heart. However, it seems that their efforts are completely in vain, as every single one always seems to end with a total rejection!

While some idols try to lay fans down gently by providing ambiguous answers to those who pop the question, Ju-ne consistently makes it clear that he is not in a position to get married any time soon!

So, let’s take a look at four of Ju-ne’s most hilarious rejections:

1. Simple Is Best

During his recent live stream with Jinhwan, an iKONIC decided to try their luck and ask Ju-ne if he would date them! They probably thought that asking about dating was a good strategy because it’s a lot less of a commitment than getting married. Still, Ju-ne shut them down immediately by staring directly into the camera with a simple “No.”

2. It’s Scary To Marry

In another live stream with Jinhwan last year, Ju-ne had a much longer response to “Will you marry me?” This time he gave them quite a few reasons as to why he definitely can’t: it’s hard work, very scary, and he’d be in over his head! We have to admit, those are pretty good points.

3. Mission Impossible

Another iKONIC had their dreams dashed when Ju-ne and Bobby had a live jam session together with fans. As soon as Bobby read their proposal aloud, he said the last thing that commenter would probably want to hear: “That’s impossible!”

4. What Proposal?

It really seems to be the case that Jinhwan enjoys watching iKONICs get roasted… or maybe he just likes teasing Ju-ne about the whole marrying thing! During this stream when Jinhwan (once again) pointed out a fan proposal, Ju-ne dodged the question entirely by shifting the conversation to the shirt he was wearing!

Do you think someone will eventually make Ju-ne say yes?