4 Times Jisoo Displayed Her 4D Personality

Jisoo might be the eldest member, but that doesn’t mean that she always acts the “maturest”.

BLACKPINK‘s visual and eldest member Jisoo has blown people away with her amazing talents and visuals. BLACKPINK has always had a “girl crush” image that portrays them to look fiercer. Jisoo is no exception to this, I mean look at the first picture the general public saw of her.



Yet, the Jisoo we see on stage is much different from her true personality. Jisoo is known by many as having a 4D personality, which just means she has a unique personality (in a good way). Here are some moments where the visual of BLACKPINK has shown her more goofy side.

1. Balancing Items On Herself

When people think of award shows, it’s usually associated with high tension and nervousness. Here is Jisoo just casually trying to balance a water bottle on her shoulder, until the camera catches her.



2. Getting Distracted While Cooking

BLACKPINK once did a live broadcast and one of the segments showed them trying to make gimbap. Being the eldest member, many would assume that Jisoo would take charge and lead the other girls.



In the end, Jisoo just becomes like the maknae more than anything and started to eat the ingredients, play with the food, and wanted to add unnecessary ingredients.



3. Food Choices

At the time this episode of Weekly Idol released, barely anything was known about the members. The MC’s were even curious about them.



When Jisoo was asked to introduce herself, she talks about how she’s not a picky eater and will eat almost anything. however, once the MC’s start naming some “less popular” food choices, she starts to shoot them all down. In a few minutes, she went from “I eat anything”, to “Rice and Rice”




4. Imitating Jennie

Jisoo has been shown imitating Jennie’s past “mistakes” or more embarrassing moments. A more well-known clip of Jennie pre-debut is her chopping onions with a cast on her arm. The clip must be popular among the members because Jisoo has been shown imitating Jennie’s action, much to Jennie’s embarrassment.