4 Times K-Pop Idols Were Confused AF By…Onions

Who needs to chop onions when you’re a world-famous idol anyway?

K-Pop idols are incredibly talented, but that doesn’t mean they’re great at everything.  Idols have mastered their craft when it comes to singing, rapping, and dancing. However, some of them could use a little help in the kitchen, especially when the recipe calls for onions!

Here are 4 moments where idols were totally confused by onions!

1. RM (BTS)

During BTS‘s first birthday party, Jin told RM to chop onions while Jin prepared seaweed soup.

While RM did successfully cut the onions, it took him a while to realize that he’d have an easier time cutting the onions if he placed them flat side down on the cutting board.

Eventually, RM realized this, flipped the onions over, and said, “Man, it’s because I don’t have the know-how. I’m chopping it like I would an apple.” 


2. Yuta and Shotaro (NCT)

While RM started chopping onions immediately after Jin asked him to, Yuta and Shotaro from NCT did what most of us do when we don’t know how to do something and looked up how to peel onions online.

In NCT World 2.0, Yuta and Shotaro cooked fusion kimchi and pork on rice together to enjoy with the rest of NCT later that night.

As Yuta prepared to chop onions for their dishes, he asked Shotaro, “Can you search ‘how to peel onions’?”

Thankfully, these two NCT members were able to figure out how to peel onions with the help of the internet!

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

 3. Beomgyu (TXT)

During a cooking challenge on TXT‘s variety show, TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHERBeomgyu had to peel and chop onions to put into a dumpling stew.

Before he started peeling, he asked Yeonjun and the film crew, “How can I peel?” 

With Yeonjun’s guidance, Beomgyu managed to peel and chop the onions successfully despite his initial confusion!

| TXT/Weverse

 4. RM (BTS)

RM earned his second appearance on this list during a 2015 episode of Weekly Idol.

A fan called into the show to ask RM to face off against Jin in an onion slicing battle.

Before the battle began, Defconn, one of Weekly Idol‘s hosts, jokingly made sure both participants knew how to hold a knife.

Jin starts the battle off and Defconn and Super Junior‘s Heechul praise him for his onion cutting skills.

RM begins his turn by attempting to chop the onion with the wrong side of the blade, and Defconn quickly reaches over to stop him. After he turns the knife, all the BTS members watch him attempt to cut the onion with trembling hands. Eventually, Jimin steps in and pushes the knife through the onion to chop it in half before Jin takes over to show RM the correct way to slice an onion.

| Anaïs Prds/YouTube



Source: Image and Reddit