4 Traits That Korean Men Look For In Their Ideal Woman

Dispatch recently reported on the 4 traits that Korean men look for in their partners, according to Youtube channel “Guy-Girl Encyclopedia”.

1. Moderately/Appropriately Acting Like a Fox

By acting sly like a fox and playing a little bit hard a get, girls can steal the heart of the guy they have their eye on.


2. Reacting Well During Conversations

A girl who smiles often and shows interest while having a conversation is said to more popular than a girl whose body language shows no interest in the conversation.


3. A Girl with “Reverse Charms”

It’s extremely effective when a girl shows a totally different side of herself.


4. A Girl Who Wears Fashion & Makeup That Suits Her

Rather than a girl who wears fancy clothes or excessive makeup, a girl who picks the fashion & makeup style that suits her is more attractive to Korean guys.


Source: Dispatch