4 Upcoming K-Dramas With Strong & Interesting Female Leads To Binge Watch In August 2020

Enjoy these awesome women on Netflix & Korean networks next month.

Need a new K-Drama to sink your teeth into? You’re in luck, because there are several highly anticipated dramas due to start next month. Best of all, many of them boast unique, strong female leads to inspire every woman out there. Here are 4 to look out for in August 2020.

1. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Romantic comedy drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol will begin airing on KBS2 on August 26. It’s also coming to Netflix internationally!

This K-Drama follows Goo Ra Ra (played by Go Ara), a lively pianist with unwavering optimism despite unexpected life problems. After finding a piano academy in a small village, Goo Ra Ra falls for the mysterious and secretive Sun Woo Joon (played by Lee Jae Wook).

Goo Ra Ra shows that romance heroines don’t have to lack character. She’s mischievous, confident, loves making jokes, and determined to live well.

2. When I Was the Most Beautiful

Centered on understanding and healing, When I Was the Most Beautiful will begin airing on MBC on August 19.

This K-Drama follows Oh Ye Ji (played by Im Soo Hyang), a pure-hearted and determined ceramic artist. The character finds herself embroiled in a love triangle between two brothers, innocent architectural designer Seo Hwan (played by Ji Soo) and racecar driver Seo Jin (played by Ha Seok Jin).

This show is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming dramas, and viewers are sure to be inspired by Oh Ye Ji’s fierce optimism and determination to never give up no matter what stands in her way.

3. Alice

Magical sci-fi drama Alice will begin airing on SBS on August 28.

This K-Drama follows Yoon Tae Yi (played by Kim Hee Sun), a genius physicist who is dedicated to uncovering the secrets of time travel, and Park Jin Gyeom (played by Joo Won), an apathetic yet brilliant-minded detective who discovers time travelers.

The most awesome thing about this ambitious show, which combines comedy, melodrama, sci-fi and more, is that Kim Hee Sun also plays a second character who’s just as strong—Park Seon Young, a scientist who knows how to time travel.

4. SF8

Sci-fi anthology drama series SF8 will begin airing on MBC on August 14.

This K-Drama comprises 8 single-episode dramas tackling a range of themes, and many of them are filled with unique female characters. The Jo An’s Galaxy episode, for example, features Kim Bo Ra as Jo An, a woman with a life expectance of just 30.

Likewise, To Seon Ho (played by Lee Yun Hee) leads the episode titled Manxin or Female Shaman as a woman hunting down the developer of an AI fortuneteller.