4 Ways Filipino ARMYs Are Celebrating “Vampire Jungkook” For His Birthday

They are on a mission to save lives.

BTS Jungkook‘s birthday is fast approaching and excitement is building, especially after “Vampire Jungkook,” a pictorial preview was shared on Twitter. In the Philippines, some birthday projects for Jungkook have been rolled out, and in perfect coincidence with Vampire Jungkook’s trend, one of them is a blood donation project.

1. A Bloodletting Drive in cooperation with Philippine Red Cross.

Jungkook’s fanbase BFM Kookiebunnies, in cooperation with the Philippine Red Cross, organized a  blood donation drive on Aug.13 to celebrate his birthday early.

| Philippine Red Cross / Facebook

| Philippine Red Cross/ Facebook

There will be raffle prizes, loot bags, and snacks to be given away to participating blood donors.

2. Donation Drive for Stray Dogs

Jungkook Philippines started a donation drive for saving stray dogs in honor of Jungkook’s love for his fur baby Bam and his brother’s dogs Song and Paeng. The donations will be sent to Strays Worth Saving, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and helping stray dogs and cats, especially those in pain.


| @JUNGKOOK_PH/Twitter

3. Luneta Dancing Fountain Show

Golden Alliance PH organized a lovely dancing fountain, swaying to the jazzy beat of Jungkook’s well-loved, self-composed song “Still with You.” The fountain show will be in the historical Luneta Park on the .day of Jungkook’s birthday, September 1.


4. Art Skills Seminar for Street Children

Another Golden Alliance PH (GAPH) project, the “Art Skills Seminar for Street Children,” is a project in cooperation with Childhope Foundation for kids aged 7-14 years old. Just as Jungkook loves art and kids, GAPH aims to support kids’ love for art through this project with the street children of Manila as beneficiaries.


As September 1 approaches, more projects will be unveiled in the Philippines and worldwide. Jungkook is so well-loved!