4 Worst Injuries That Ever Happened To TWICE Members

These injuries had fans really worried about their idols.

1. Jihyo’s knee injury

In 2016, fans noticed something strange about the way Jihyo always posed in group photos. While the other girls would switch up their pose, Jihyo was always seen with both of her knees on the ground and fans were worried about the pressure that the hard floor would put on her knees.


A few months later, JYP Entertainment would reveal that Jihyo was experiencing knee pain and went to receive an in-depth medical exam. The exam confirmed that the pain was abnormal and suggested that she begin treatment for it. Due to the pain and treatment, Jihyo had to suspend all activities with the group until she was fully recovered.


It took her a few months to be able to participate with the group, although she was still not allowed to dance. When she did recover, the group changed up some of their choreography to help Jihyo and to prevent further damage to her knees.


2. Nayeon’s weak legs

Fans had long thought that Nayeon was simply a bit clumsy and unbalanced but during a 2017 fan meeting they found out it was something much worse. When one fan asked her if her leg was normally that weak, Nayeon revealed that she had been in a car accident when she was younger.


The accident left her left leg severely injured and to this day it’s still a bit weak. The news had fans very worried about her and how the group’s dance moves would have an effect on her leg, but she was quick to reassure them that she had no problem keeping up with the choreography.


3. Dahyun’s sprained ankle

In 2017, TWICE were spotted heading off to Vietnam to shoot JTBC‘s travel show Carefree Travelers but fans quickly noticed one member was missing. A few days earlier, some fans had seen Dahyun at the hospital getting treated for an ankle injury. Many of these fan accounts didn’t think the injury was too serious since idols often get treated for minor injuries and are in and out of the hospital within a few hours.


But her obvious absence at the airport had fans very worried. They were so worried that JYP Entertainment was prompted to release a statement about her condition. The entertainment company assured fans that the injury wasn’t too serious but would require her to sit out on some of the group’s activities.


“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. This is a notice regarding TWICE’s Dahyun. Last week, she sprained her ankle, so she’s currently receiving the necessary treatment and is recovering. Her speedy recovery is our top priority, so she will unfortunately not be attending some schedules. We ask fans for their generous understanding and support. Thank you.” — JYP Entertainment


4. Jeongyeon’s Law of the Jungle accident

In 2016, Jeongyeon took part in Law of the Jungle in New Caledonia but was unable to film for the entire length of the show. One day she was kicked in the leg by a horse and was quickly attended to by the show’s doctors who put a cast on her.


When she headed back to camp, the production crew was still very concerned about her injury and rushed her to Korea to get treated. When she reached Korea, she was checked into the hospital and had several tests done to determine the extent of her injury. Thankfully, her injury was not as bad as it could have been and she only had to spend time in the hospital for the tests.


Her leg was put in a new cast and she had to stop activities for several weeks. Her leg has since healed completely and and she doesn’t seem to have any lasting problems due to the accident.