40+ Of The Most Aesthetic AF K-Pop Music Videos That Make Fans Swoon

Hopefully you’ll find all of these super relaxing and pleasant for the eyes.

Aesthetics are a matter of opinion to some degree, though most people can determine when something is aesthetic, even if it isn’t their personal taste. There are countless K-Pop music videos that fit this sort of theme, though some are more “aesthetic” than others in different ways. Fans recently discussed the music videos they find most pleasing to the eye on a public forum, and these 40+ music videos were some of their top choices. Enjoy!

1. “She’s A Baby” by Zico

2. “Blooming Day” by EXO-CBX

3. “BBIBBI” by IU

4. “Flower Shower” by HyunA

5. “Sentimental” by WINNER

6. “Automatic” by Red Velvet

7. “4 Walls” by f(x)

8. “Drip Drop” by Taemin

9. “The 7th Sense” by NCT U

10. “Oh My God” by (G)I-DLE

11. “Noir” by Sunmi

12. “Sunrise” by GFRIEND

13. “Love Paint” by NU’EST

14. “Fallin’ Flower” by SEVENTEEN

15. “Sweet Chaos” by DAY6

16. “New Heroes” by Ten

17. “Psycho” by Red Velvet

18. “Spring Day” by BTS

19. “All Night” by ASTRO

20. “I Wish” by Cosmic Girls

21. “Focus On Me” by Jus2

22. “Blood Sweat & Tears” by BTS

23. “Good Evening” by SHINee

24. “Tarantallegra” by Junsu

25. “Shangri La” by VIXX

26. “Butterfly” by LOONA

27. “Not by the Moon” by GOT7

28. “Four Seasons” by Taeyeon

29. “Sixth Sense” by Brown Eyed Girls

30. “Dinosaur” by Akdong Musician

31. “Time for the Moon Night” by GFRIEND

32. “Stay Tonight” by Chungha

33. “La Vie en Rose” by IZ*ONE

34. “Starry Night” by MAMAMOO

35. “Wave” by ATEEZ

36. “View” by SHINee

37. “Obsession” by EXO

38. “Palette” by IU

39. “Windy Day” by Oh My Girl

40. “Serendipity” by Jimin

41. “Touch” by NCT 127

42. “Beautiful Liar” by VIXX LR

43. “Highlight” by SEVENTEEN

Source: Forum