40 Of The Best Healing And Uplifting K-Pop Songs To Soothe Your Soul

We all need some healing during this stressful time

Let’s all face it, these are stressful times. Whether you’re locked up at home in quarantine or trying to get through the day at work, we have so much more to sorry about these days than usual. Fortunately, music exists, and it can be really healing for a lot of people to help relax and center you during difficult times. Here are 40 K-Pop songs that fans think are incredibly healing and uplifting.

1. “Healing” by SEVENTEEN

2. “Love Whisper” by GFRIEND

3. “Wind Flower” by MAMAMOO

4. “Up” by IZ*ONE

5. “You Better Know” by Red Velvet

6. “My Youth” by Jinyoung (GOT7)

7. “Gone Days” by Stray Kids

8. “Fireflies” by NCT Dream

9. “Feel Special” by TWICE

10. “Perfect Day” by OH MY GIRL

11. “Happiness” by PENTAGON

12. “Holiday” by SEVENTEEN

13. “So What” by BTS

14. “A-Yo” by SHINee

15. “Sing for You” by EXO

16. “Blueming” by IU

17. “Spring Day” by BTS

18. “I” by Taeyeon

19. “Into the New World” by Girls’ Generation

20. “Cheer Up” by TWICE

21. “Coloring” by fromis_9

22. “BBIBBI” by IU

23. “Hug Me Once” by Girl’s Day

24. “Petal” by Apink

25. “For You” by Lovelyz

26. “Euphoria” by Jungkook (BTS)

27. “Heart Shaker” by TWICE

28. “Vista” by FIESTAR

29. “New Heroes” by Ten (NCT/WAYV)

30. “Magic Shop” by BTS

31. “Trust Me” by Dreamcatcher

32. “Night Sky” by Park Kyung

33. “The Light” by The Ark

34. “Plz Don’t Be Sad” by Highlight

35. “I Am Me” by GOT7

36. “From” by ATEEZ

37. “Dinosaur” by Akdong Musician

38. “Power” by EXO

39. “Answer: Love Myself” by BTS

40. “Colorful” by SHINee