These 40+ Photos Prove BLACKPINK Look Incredible In Every Color Of The Rainbow

They always look gorgeous.

Everyone has those colors they don’t look good in—except the BLACKPINK members. These 44 photos prove Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa look amazing wearing every color of the rainbow.

1. BLACKPINK in red

Jisoo in red:

Jennie in red:

Rosé in red:

Lisa in red:

2. BLACKPINK in orange

Jisoo in orange:

Jennie in orange:

Rosé in orange:

Lisa in orange:

3. BLACKPINK in yellow

Jisoo in yellow:

Jennie in yellow:

Rosé in yellow:

Lisa in yellow:

4. BLACKPINK in green

Jisoo in green:

Jennie in green:

Rosé in green:

Lisa in green:

5. BLACKPINK in blue

Jisoo in blue:

Jennie in blue:

Rosé in blue:

Lisa in blue:

6. BLACKPINK in purple

Jisoo in purple:

Jennie in purple:

Rosé in purple:

Lisa in purple:

7. BLACKPINK in pink

Jisoo in pink:

Jennie in pink:

Rosé in pink:

Lisa in pink:

8. BLACKPINK in brown

Jisoo in brown:

Jennie in brown:

Rosé in brown:

Lisa in brown:

9. BLACKPINK in white

Jisoo in white:

Jennie in white:

Rosé in white:

Lisa in white:

10. BLACKPINK in gray

Jisoo in gray:

Jennie in gray:

Rosé in gray:

Lisa in gray:

11. BLACKPINK in black

Jisoo in black:

Jennie in black:

Rosé in black:

Lisa in black: