40+ Unique And Bizarre YG Entertainment Artists’ Official Merchandise That You Might’ve Not Seen

Do you own any of these items?

YG Entertainment has always been one to experiment and release unique concepts for their artists. They’ve also been very creative with their artists’ merchandise as well. Here’s a list of some unique and even some bizarre merchandise that have been sold to fans before!

1. Psy Sweatshirt

2. Epik High T-Shirt

3. 2NE1 Mesh Shirt

4. Epik High ‘Don’t Hate Me’ Shirt

5. 2NE1 Tank

6. ONE OF A KIND Hoodie

7. G-Dragon ‘Forever Young’ Zip-Up

8. BIG BANG Varsity Jacket


10. 2NE1 ‘GZB’ Hat

11. BIG BANG Beanie With Badge

12. Epik High Hat

13. Psy Scarf

14. BIG BANG Engraved Ring

15. GD Stacked Ring

16. BIG BANG ‘Alive’ Necklace

17. G-Dragon ‘ONE OF A KIND’ bracelet

18. 2NE1 Necklace

19. Epik High Guitar Pick Necklace

20. G-Dragon ‘ONE OF A KIND’ 18K Necklace

21. 2NE1’s Necklace and Bracelet Set

22. 2NE1 Badges

23. BIG BANG Coin Wallet

24. PSY Keyholder

25. 2NE1 Pouch

26. 2NE1 Mini Crossbody Bag

27. BIG BANG Cellphone Case

28. Epik High Cellphone Case

29. G-Dragon ONE OF A KIND Phone Holder

30. BIG BANG Earphone Cap

31. PSY Postage Stamps

32. 2NE1 Face Tattoos

33. Lee Hi’s Plant Cup and Jellies

34. Lee Hi X Instax Collaboration Polaroid Camera

35. PSY X Instax Collaboration Polaroid Camera

36. PSY Paper Cups

37. G-Dragon ONE OF A KIND Nail Stickers

38. 2NE1 X Corso Cormo Collaboration Pop Phone

39. BIG BANG Commemorative Medal

40. 2NE1 Trump Cards

41. SE7EN Light Stick

Singer SE7EN’s famous light stick that started the trend of official light sticks for fandoms.

What item stood out to you the most? Do you own any of these items?