5 Actors We Want As Our Boyfriends Because Of Their On Point Fashion Sense

We’d be a extra proud to be seen standing next to them 😉

Actors are able to pull off a variety of concepts with ease given their job, but some actors exude the concept of “boyfriend material” way after working hours. Perhaps the biggest reason why this is so, aside from their good looks, is because of their stylish personal fashion.

From casual wear to black tie attire, here are 5 actors whose impeccable fashion sense puts them at the top of the “Best Boyfriend” list and makes us want to scream “Please date me!”

1. Ahn Hyo Seop

Actor Ahn Hyo Seop, who recently garnered attention for his role in the SBS drama Dr. Romantic 2, boasts warm visuals that perfectly complement his more laid back fashion style.

2. Park Seo Joon

Park Seo Joon from the hit drama series Itaewon Class confidently pulls off simple yet masculine outfits that show off his broad shoulders and tall height.

3. Rowoon

Rowoon may be a member of boy group SF9, but he is also a talented actor, having nabbed his first lead role in the MBC drama Extraordinary You. Standing at a jaw dropping 191 cm, Rowoon can make any outfit look good.

4. P.O.

Block B‘s P.O is also an idol turned actor, his most notable role being from the tvN drama Hotel Del Luna. When it comes to his personal fashion style, he doesn’t shy away from wearing prints and bright colors, and it all comes together at the end.

5. Lee Jaewook

Actor Lee Jaewook is well known for his roles in Search: WWW as well as Extraordinary You. Although only 21 years old, he already boasts masculine features with his modern and sophisticated fashion.

Source: Insight