Here Are 5 Of ATEEZ Jongho’s Most Iconic High Notes In Competition

Somebody give this man a medal!

ATEEZ‘s Jongho is widely respected among idols and industry professionals alike for his strong vocal prowess and stability on stage. Even with a range scaling multiple octaves, it’s incredible how he can whip out crazy high notes even in high-pressure situations.

So, let’s take a look at five of Jongho’s most iconic high notes from competition shows:

1. Black Cat Nero (Immortal Songs 2)

When ATEEZ participated on Immortal Songs 2 and got their first win, they performed a gritty, hard-hitting cover of Black Cat Nero by Turbo. At the very end of the song, fire burns across the stage while ATEEZ goes wild and Jongho hits this high note:

2. 하여가/Anyhow Song (Immortal Songs 2)

In the middle of ATEEZ’s version of the Anyhow Song by Seo Taiji and Boys, Jongho pulls off what some have dubbed an “Eminem to Mariah Carey” with his fast rapping that transitions immediately into a high note:

3. Right Now (Immortal Songs 2)

Nobody can forget when ATEEZ absolutely nailed Psy‘s Right Now – even Psy himself was shook! During the performance, Jongho walks into the center with his long, purple suit flowing behind him, and effortlessly belts out this note:

4. Wonderland (Kingdom: Legendary War)

At the beginning of Kingdom: Legendary War, everyone was excited to see how each group was going to leave their mark with their first round stages. ATEEZ decided on a revamped version of Wonderland, and Jongho changed his original high note (which was impressive to begin with) to one even higher *and* longer!

5. Rhythm Ta (Kingdom: Legendary War)

In one of their most dramatic performances yet, ATEEZ absolutely slayed their rendition of iKON‘s Rhythm Ta. When the whole group marches forward and the stage turns dark red, you’d think that Jongho would be finished, but no! He takes it a step further and an octave higher when the confetti cannons blast:

Which Jongho performance is your favorite?