5 Athlete Turned Idols Who Have A Great Physique

No wonder they all move so well and look so good when they do!

Some idols have changed their careers from being athletes to idols. They have shown strong stamina and great dance moves on stage because of their background. Furthermore, their physique has been developed because of their training, which explains why they look good physically.

Here are 5 ex-athlete idols who have a great physique!

1. X1’s Seungyoun

X1‘s Seungyeon used to be a soccer player! He even trained in Brazil when he was a sixth-grader to enhance his skills. He was part of “S.C. Corinthians Paulista,” a prestigious soccer club in Brazil.

Because of Seungyeon’s background in Brazil, he was recognized by a Brazillan news outlet who reported his debut with X1. Seungyeon played as a striker for two years.

2. SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi

SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi‘s dancing capabilities and talent cannot be denied, and his background as a taekwondo player helped in enhancing his sharp dance moves! Hoshi has been playing taekwondo since he was younger and has acquired a 4th degree black belt.

He was so good at taekwondo that he was casted because of it. However, he decided to quit playing the sport because he doesn’t want to cut his hair short the way most athletes do!

This also explains why Hoshi is capable of kicking really high in the group’s choreography for “Clap.”

3. ITZY’s Yuna

ITZY‘s Yuna, the group maknae and visual, also used to be an ex-athlete. She used to be a floorball player, and played for 4 years. She was famous for her excellent skills in playing the sport, back when she was an active player.

Yuna has also participated in a national competition. She constantly won in competitions which showed how great she is as an athlete for floorball.

4. X1’s Kim Yohan

X1’s Kim Yohan used to be a professional taekwondo player. His strength and competitive spirit made many fans fall for him. His father has been playing taekwondo for 13 years, while Yohan played for three generations.

He studied in a prestigious taekwondo-specialized high school, and entered the university as an athlete of the same sport. He won the national youth athletic competition, not once, but twice, and was also selected as a member of the national taekwondo team.

5. BTS’s Suga

Although BTS‘s Suga is known for being lazy, there are moments when he shows his energetic side as well.

The rapper used to be a basketball player, and played a big role in creating his stage name. His stage name, “Suga,” was inspired by his shooting guard position when he was actively playing the sport.

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