5+ Childhood Photos Of Hwang In Yeop That Prove He Had Top Star Visuals His Whole Life

He’s always been adorable.

Hwang In Yeop shot to fame with his role as Han Seo Jun in the widely popular K-Drama True Beauty and though the drama has ended, everyone can’t seem to stop talking about him and his visuals!

| @hi_high_hiy/Instagram

While Hwang In Yeop caught many of our eyes this year, he has always been a total cutie! Here are 5+ baby photos Of Hwang In Yeop that prove he had top star visuals his whole life:

1. He’s got a top star outfit on too!


2. He’s always been too cool for us!


3. Tall and lean! No wonder he became a model

4. He still has those adorable cheeks


5. Long-legged king since pre-debut

6. And he’s still putting smiles on everyone’s faces