5 Beautiful Girl Group Idols Who Prove The Korean “Third Daughter” Myth Is True

According to popular belief, the third girl born to a family is a little different to the rest…

In South Korea, there’s an unusual myth about third-born daughters in a family—according to the popular belief of many, the third daughter is always the prettiest. There’s even a famous traditional song about it—”The Third Daughter of Mr. Choi” by Na Hoon A. But is it really true? If these five gorgeous girl group idols are anything to go by, the myth just may be real.

1. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Born in 1996, TWICE’s Jeongyeon has two older sisters: actress Gong Seungyeon, and a non-celebrity sister named Seoyeon.

| JYP Entertainment

When TWICE first debuted, Jeongyeon was known for her enticing tomboy visuals, boasting a short hair cut and more androgynous style.

These days, however, she gives off a far more elegant and feminine vibe. Many people say her alluring beauty would make her perfect for an acting role if she ever decided to follow in her unnie‘s footsteps.

2. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, born 1989, is also the youngest of three daughters. Her older sisters’ names are Eunkyu and Jinkyu.

| SM Entertainment

Sunny has long been known for having one of the most unique looks in Girls’ Generation. In the group’s earlier days, she often stood out the most because of her eccentric and vibrant hairstyles.

When you see simple yet striking visuals she shows off now, it’s almost hard to believe she’s the same girl who showed off bright purple, aqua, and pink hair during Girls’ Generation’s “I Got a Boy” era.

| @515sunnyday/Instagram

3. Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa also has two sisters. Their names are unknown, but they’re both older than Hwasa who was born in 1995.


Rather than meeting the Korean beauty standard, Hwasa has been tearing down expectations with her own brand of beauty. Her golden complexion, full figure, and revealing outfits prove that you don’t have to look like everyone else to be considered gorgeous.

As such, it’s pretty fitting that her stage name comes from the word “hwasahae“, meaning splendid or stunning.

4. Heejin (LOONA)

LOONA’s Heejin was born in 2000. Her two older sisters, Yikyung and Yoonkyung, were born in 1997 and 1995 respectively.

| BlockBerry Creative

Heejin is considered to be part of LOONA’s visual line, and it’s easy to see why. She’s known for her large eyes, heart-shaped lips, and chiseled features.

Back when LOONA made their group debut, Heejin became popular among netizens on online communities as the next big visual to watch. Since then, she’s only gotten prettier.

5. Eunseo (Cosmic Girls)

Last but not least, 1998-born Eunseo of Cosmic Girls is yet another third daughter. Her older sisters are unknown non-celebrities.

| Starship Entertainment

Eunseo may not be an official visual in Cosmic Girls, but she’s certainly gorgeous. She’s one of the idols whose tall nose has an adorable dorsal hump in the middle.

| Cosmopolitan

Alongside her nose, some of her standout features include her slim jawline and cat-like lip shape.

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