5 Beautiful Idol Friendships That Will Warm Your Heart

Fanwars are unnecessary, let’s be mature.

When people think of friendships in the K-Pop industry it’s usually about members of the same group being close.



With how busy idols are, it can be difficult to find time to interact with other idols and build friendships. Let’s look at some of the most heartwarming friendships in K-Pop, that are not from the same group.

1. RM (BTS) & Jackson (GOT7)

This a more well-known friendship in the K-Pop world. Jackson of GOT7 talked about his friendship with RM of BTS in an interview fairly recently. He shares how they were close before they both even debuted and how their personalities contrast with each other a bit. Watch the full part of his interview below.



2. Irene (Red Velvet) & Jennie (BLACKPINK)

These two supposedly started to interact with each other after they coincidentally went to the same salon shop.



It seems that they eventually got extremely close to each other because there was a picture of them at an L.A. restaurant fighting over the bill (rich queen problems).



Here is a nice compilation of their friendship below.



3. Taemin (SHINee) & Kai (EXO)

Some might say that these two don’t count because technically they are in the same group now in SuperM. Their friendship was originally noticed by people from their early days before SuperM was even an idea, so they’re going to be included in this list.



They’ve been close before they even debuted.



Though, they know how to be extremely playful with each other.


Taemin recording Kai crying after EXO got their first win.


4. Jungkook & Yugyeom

With how close GOT7 and BTS are with each other, it’s no surprise that the maknaes would be close as well.



Yugyeom even goes in-depth about how they formed their friendship and their group of friends born in 97.



5. Daehwi (AB6IX) & Somi

These two have been close because they both have trained at JYP Entertainment together. Most would know this about Somi, but Daehwi has also shared this information.



They also share a similarity in that they both were contestants on the Produce series. Somi even cried when Daehwi was announced a member of Wanna One.