5 Of The Most Beautiful Lyrics Written By EXO’s Chen

Does anyone else feel like crying?

EXO‘s Chen is the King of Vocals, but his songwriting skills are just as enchanting. These are some of the most beautiful lyrics he’s written.

1. “Lights Out”

While the studio version has Chen, SuhoBaekhyun, and D.O. on the vocal track, this song transformed into a magical solo stage during EXO’s fifth concert tour, Exo Planet #5 – EXplOration.

Fall asleep in my arms

Don’t wake up

Morning will come again

So you can peacefully dream

At the end of this loneliness

Just turn off the lights today


2. “Promise”

An emotional song that never fails to make EXO-Ls cry, Chen co-wrote the lyrics to the song along with Chanyeol and Lay.

Although it might be hard and tiring

I will go up on the stage again

Once again, I will encourage myself to do it

For you who have been waiting for me


3. “Flower”

Chen co-wrote this song on his solo debut album, and this ballad offers a hope of spring after enduring hardships.

The tears from countless days

Became my support when I was thirsty

Even sadness becomes a memory in the end

Brightly in my heart


4. “My Dear”

Chen co-wrote this song on his second solo album, and the lyrics portray a message of cherishing memories a beautiful love leaves behind.

To you, beneath the pouring moonlight

Become the star of this night

And promise to shine for me


5. “She’s Dreaming”

In a VLIVE with EXO-CBX, Chen explained the story behind these whimsical and sorrowfully beautiful lyrics.



When the deep night is coming to an end

I will disappear like smoke

But when the dark night comes back again

I’ll fall to you with a dream