The 5 Biggest Trends That Dominated K-Pop Idol Fashion This Winter

Shearling coats, striking prints, and more.

With winter drawing to a close and spring officially due to start this month, it’s time to take a look back at what fashion trends K-Pop idols were following and pioneering over the last season. Here are 5 themes that popped up again and again this winter.

1. Bold long padding

Padded jackets have been a trend in Korea for several seasons, made even more popular by Red Velvet’s Irene’s Eider long padding campaign in 2018.

This winter, many idols went for bold colors. TWICE’s Tzuyu looked chic in this dark magenta padded coat.

This unisex trend looked great on men too, with Park Bogum styling out an orange padded jacket in his Eider ad.

2. Shearling jackets

Shearling and fleece jackets were another common way K-Pop idols kept warm this winter. They’re one of the simplest ways to make any basic outfit look like a winter dream. Some idols, like Suzy, stuck to shearling trim.

Others, like BLACKPINK’s Jennie, went for full-fleece coats.

3. All-black

From one season to the next, black is always in fashion. This winter, many idols stepped out in head-to-toe black outfits. When TWICE’s Jeongyeon rocked this all-black look, she made the outfit stand out by picking clothes with different textures. The pop of color from her handbag worked well too.

Jennie also brought an edge to an otherwise all-black look by switching out a black jacket for a very dark gray.

4. Print coats

Plain, neutral trench coats are always a safe bet during winter. But this year, many bold idols went for striking plaid, check, and gingham prints—just like BTS’s RM, V, and Jungkook did here.

IU’s oversized plaid coat was even more eye-catching.

5. Lush velvet

Velvet was one of the dominating fabrics in fashion’s Fall/Winter 2018 season, and its influence carried over to this season too. This quilted velvet and denim jacket Red Velvet’s Yeri wore was effortlessly eye-catching.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo took the trend even further with an all-velvet suit in blue.

Source: South China Morning Post