5 Boy Group Songs That Will Make You Question Ethics After A Closer Look At The Lyrics

Wait… what?

The K-Pop world can time-to-time be a dangerous place, with lyrics that will make you raise some serious eyebrows. Here are 5 songs by boy groups that sound all good and fun – until you realize the abomination in the words! Don’t let the catchy melody and heavenly voices fool you. These songs will make you question ethics, once you read through the lyrics!


1. WINNER’s “Different”

You’ll get mad at me, crying and asking where I’ve been last night. But I’ll look straight into your eyes and lie to you without feeling a thing. You can try to change me, but I’ll only grow colder. I’ll keep making the same mistakes, breaking your heart without flinching… but even when I’m cold to you, please don’t lose your love for me. I’ll never let you go.


2. Taeyang’s “Only Look At Me”

Even if I cheat on you, don’t you cheat on me baby. Even if I forget about you, don’t you forget about me lady. I might be out of touch sometimes, drinking, and making eye contact with other women. But you should only look at me.


3. TEEN TOP’s “No More Perfume On You”

Please don’t wear perfume, my girlfriend will catch us. Don’t wear glitter. I can’t have it get on my clothes. You’re older than I am, but if you really like me… Then don’t say anything else. Do as I say. Just listen. Don’t wear perfume.


4. B1A4’s “Baby Goodnight”

Okay, go to bed. I’ll sleep when you sleep. I hang up the phone, I put on my fanciest clothes, and I get ready to go out. No one has to know, whoo… My heart is racing from all the butterflies. I thought I missed you, but that thought is gone. I’m busy today. What a bad guy I am. But it’s okay to have fun like this sometimes. I’ll just go see you tomorrow. Sorry!


5. 2AM’s “What Should I Do”

What should I do, I keep seeing her face in yours. I tell myself I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. What should I do, I keep hearing her voice in yours. I guess my feelings for you have died. I’m already in love with her.

Source: THEQOO