5 “Boys Planet” Fan Favorites Whose Eliminations Left Viewers Heartbroken

Did your fave make the top nine or were they eliminated?

Boys Planet recently wrapped up its series finale, announcing the winning trainees as members of the soon-to-debut group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1). While the results overjoyed many fans, many were heartbroken to see some of their favorites not debut.

Here are five trainees from the past season who fans hope will see debut soon!

1. Jay Chang

Arguably one of the most popular international trainees, Jay Chang entered the competition with a fanbase supporting him.

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The star proved his talents quickly, showing off powerful vocal skills in the competition.

The singer can also play multiple instruments, making him the perfect choice for any up-and-coming group. Currently, he is a member of the pre-debut group M.O.N.T Arena and will hopefully make his official debut soon!

2. CIIPHER’s Keita

CIIPER‘s Keita impressed fans from the jump with his amazing rap skills and stage presence.

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The trainee trained for over five years at YG Entertainment, competing in YG’s Treasure Box before being eliminated in episode nine. The all-rounder was among the most popular trainees globally, so many were shocked by the final Boys Planet results.

CIIPHER’s leader Hyunbin is currently a contestant on Fantasy Boys, so it is unclear when the group will come back. Still, Keita has already piqued the interest of rapper pH-1, who told the rapper to “hit him up.”

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3. Kum Junhyeon

Another heartbreaking result from the final episode, Kum Junhyeon showed off various talents throughout the season, including choreographing an entire performance. The singer even sang an OST for the K-Drama Summer Strike without making his official debut prior to the program.

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No one was more upset that Junhyeon did not make the final group than number five spot Park Gunwook, who dedicated a large part of his winning speech to him.

4. Maeda Haruto

Haruto was eliminated before the final episode, upsetting fans who wanted to see him continue on his journey to debut. The trainee impressed viewers with his talents that seemed to grow every single episode, and endeared many with his hilarious and quirky personality.

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The trainee previously competed on JYP Entertainment’s Loud survival program, so hopefully, a debut is in his future without participating in another elimination-style show.


From the beginning of his time on the show, Hui has been a hot topic — first for his participation in the first place and, as the season went on, for his incredible talent in every single challenge.

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While Hui has already debuted and will most likely return to PENTAGON, fans are hopeful that this will give the group a huge boost in popularity.


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