5 Of BTS RM’s Cutest Habits You Might Not Have Noticed

Now you have even more reason to keep your eye on RM.

RM may be BTS‘s strong, determined leader, but when you pay close attention to him, you’ll notice the real “Namjoon” has so many cute little habits. Here are 5 of the most adorable ones you may not have noticed before.

1. When he bounces with excitement

He’s like a little bunny.

Hop! Hop!

2. When he hides his face after doing aegyo

RM is much better at aegyo than he thinks.

But his hiding is even cuter.

3. When he pokes his dimples with the peace sign

You never know when RM will decide to poke his dimples.

But when he does, you’ll definitely go into meltdown.

4. When he flickers his eyes

This habit is half eyebrow raise, half blink.

And it will make your heart flicker just as much.

5. When he does this thing with his jaw

Clenching? Stretching?

Whatever she’s doing here, it’s equal parts cute and sexy.