5 Celebs Who’ve Also Read The Feminist Book That Caused Irene’s Controversy

These celebs each had something to say about the controversial book!

When Red Velvet‘s Irene said she read Kim Ji Young, Born 1982, it caused quite a controversy. But she’s not the only one who read it. The book is actually a best-seller and a popular choice among Korean celebrities.


1. Girls’ Generation Sooyoung

Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung read Kim Ji Young, Born 1982. In fact, she had an entire reality show named after the book.


She stated on this show, “I read the book and it changed how I think. Everything I’ve put aside, thinking they don’t mean anything, is actually because I am a woman. I realized how unfair it has been all this time.”


2. Noh Hong Chul

On Please Call My Name, comedian Noh Hong Chul mentioned reading Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 and discussed the issue outlined in the book with other guests.


When a guest claimed that she related deeply to the book and model Han Hye Jin agreed, Noh Hong Chul added, “It’s a problem that hasn’t been solved.”

He said, “I personally couldn’t relate to the book too well, but I know a lot of women did. It’s sad that so many women related to Kim Ji Young in the novel. No one should have to relate to the book.”


3. Park Shin Hye

Actress Park Shin Hye mentioned Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 during an interview about her latest movie, Heart Blackened.


When asked about her role models, she picked actress Na Moon Hee and explained, “I wonder how she motivated herself to act for 50 years.”

I’m going to be in my 30s soon. I’ll get married, maybe have children. I read Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 and thought her problems are mine too. Being a mom could limit my career as an actress. I wonder if I’ll be able to overcome that.” — Park Shin Hye


4. BTS’s RM

On a live online broadcast, BTS‘s RM shared his latest reads which included Kim Ji Young, Born 1982. RM is known to read a lot of books and share his thoughts on them with his fans.


About Kim Ji Young, Born 1982, RM said, “It was a thought-provoking book.”


5. Hong Eun Hee

Actress Hong Eun Hee shared her thoughts in detail on her Instagram after finishing Kim Ji Young, Born 1982.


She wrote, “Even though it’s a novel, the story feels so real. I couldn’t stop reading.”

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I knew exactly what Kim Ji Young was feeling… Every second of it. The moments of feeling unhappy, sad, and scared… It’s not my story. But it felt like Kim Ji Young was a close friend. I’m sure there are many Kim Ji Youngs around me. In fact, it could even be me. This is outrageous and I’m frustrated for her.” — Hong Eun Hee

Source: 1BOON