5 Clothing Items BLACKPINK’s Lisa Sold Out Through “Ice Cream”

The video has been out for less than two days, but everyone wants Lisa’s looks.

Whether or not BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is an ambassador for a brand, she never fails to show her reach by selling out the clothing and accessories she wears. With the release of the group’s “Ice Cream” collaboration with Selena Gomez, fans have proven Lisa’s power once more by selling out items she’s recently worn for the track. Here are five of them, courtesy of Twitter user @iblinkforblinkz for keeping track of them all.

1. T-Shirt

In a teaser photo released a day before the video dropped, Lisa looked stunning and edgy with her long nails, jewelry, and colorful jacket. What caught everyone’s attention was the white top with a cat on its front.

Although it wasn’t clear what the entire shirt looked like, fans didn’t waste any time finding it. It was a t-shirt made by Italian luxury brand Miu Miu featuring a unicorn cat. Though no longer on the official site for sale, it’s reselling elsewhere for $745 USD.

At nearly a thousand dollars and before Lisa had shown it entirely in the music video, it was quick to sell out. That’s one way to kick off promotions.


2. Skirt

The second item was another that sold out thanks to how gorgeous Lisa looked in their teaser photos. While her makeup and hairstyle were adorable combined with her bright red tops, the skirt was something really fresh. It wasn’t a typical one.

Rather than the traditional fabric that skirts would be made out of, like cotton or silk, it appeared to be knitted. While the previous t-shirt had been pricey, this was more accessible. Fluffy sold it for $73 USD.

3. Hat

Throughout the entire “Ice Cream” music video, there was a brief moment where Lisa wore a hat. Although the dress she paired it with was beautiful, the white hat seemed to be something everyone wanted to get their hands on.


Both sizes of Ruslan Baginskiy‘s Leather Baker Boy Cap sold out. It’s now reselling elsewhere for $375 USD.

4. String Top

The fourth piece of clothing was another top but utterly different from the previous one. In the first half of the video, Lisa wore a white top that was a high fashion version of a tank top. With two strings at the top and two strips at the bottom, it was different in the best way.


Fans seemed to think the same, rushing over to Namilia to purchase it. Every size of the White Tactical String Top is completely sold out for $95 USD each. On the bright side, there is a black version of it still available.

5. Shorts

In the latter half of “Ice Cream”, Lisa wore a simple pair of shorts with strings tying up the sides. Whether a fan or not, it’s a clothing item that many wouldn’t mind adding to their collection. The price isn’t what you’d expect.


Those shorts weren’t any pair of ordinary shorts. Alessandra Rich is as pricey as the brand’s name implies. The light wash shorts sold out for $675 USD per pair.

If someone brought every item on the list to get the Lisa look, it would set them back $1,963 USD. That’s definitely a pretty penny. Lisa’s reach is no joke.