Here Are 5 Common Korean Habits That May Be Peculiar To Others

Your blood type reflects your personality?

Every culture and country is unique in the types of habits they might do, and Korea is no different. A YouTuber by the name of Korean Hanna gave 5 habits that might be common and usual for Koreans, but might be found odd by others.

1. Aegyo 

This is just a way of acting very cute, it can be saying something with a cute voice, a cute facial expression, making a cute gesture, etc. This is a way for people to show affection, especially for girls.

2. Focus on age

Koreans are very focused on age because there is kind of an age hierarchy in the culture. You address all people older than you in a respectful manner and there are even names to address people older than you, such as hyung, unnie, nuna, oppa.

3. Heart finger sign

This is how Koreans usually make a heart sign and use it as a gesture of affection. Rather than making a heart with their whole body, they just use their fingers.

4. Same-gender affection

It’s quite normal for 2 people of the same gender to show affection for each other, without it meaning that they are in some kind of lovers relationship. It’s just their way of showing their affection and bond with each other.

5. Bloodtype obsession

Korea has this belief that blood types signify multiple aspects of a person, such as the type of personality they have. Asking someone what blood type they have is quite common in Korea and can be a great conversation starter.

Here is the full video below!