5 Different Concepts BLACKPINK’s Jennie Embodied Just By Switching Up Her ‘Lob’ Hairstyle

It’s amazing how much a simple hairstyle change can do.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has been rocking the ‘lob’ (long bob) hairstyle for a while now, but it still hasn’t gotten old. Maybe that’s because she’s so good at making it look different every day. Here are 5 completely different style concepts she managed to embody just by switching up the style of her lob.

1. ‘90s It Girl

For this look, Jennie parted her lob down the middle and set each side with hair pins. The result looks like something straight out of the ‘90s movie Clueless. Paired with her tweed suit, this hairstyle definitely makes Jennie look like the Queen Bee in an old teen movie.

2. Vintage Movie Star

The simple, muted S-waves Jennie sported here immediately evoke Old Hollywood vibes. With this hairstyle, she looks like a vintage movie star ready for her red carpet debut.

3. Boarding School Student

Here, Jennie went with loose, tousled waves for her lob. Always the queen of hair accessories, she paired the style with a headband. Doesn’t she look just like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl?

4. Put-Together CEO

One vibe Jennie embodies perfectly is the CEO style. With her lob straightened perfectly to a blunt edge, she looks like a put-together businesswoman ready to launch a new billion-dollar product.

5. Everyday Girl

“Human Chanel” Jennie often looks as rich and fabulous as she is, but she can also pull off an understated look just as well. Styling her lob in a half-up half-down bun, she embodies an everyday girl look we can all relate to.