The 5 Most Crazy Production Secrets ITZY Spilled About Their “LOCO” MV

The effects in this MV are “LOCO”!

Much to the delight of MIDZYs everywhere, ITZY just made a comeback with their first full album Crazy In Love. To match the grandiosity needed for a first full album, ITZY also came back with the title track “LOCO” which has fans obsessed with both the song and the MV.

While reacting to their MV, ITZY revealed that their stunning video took some “crazy” hard work from everyone involved to make it look so good. Here are 5 of the most fascinating production secrets that ITZY shared.

1. “Virtually” Perfect Weather

The “LOCO” MV has many memorable dance sets, including a bridge with a large gift on it that the girls come out of. When watching the sequence, Yeji mentioned that “The weather was great that day!”  to which Chaeryeong responded in confusion, “it was a set.

While this may have seemed like an error on Yeji’s part, she was trying to point out the incredible work the video effects team did on the sky background. “Exactly, the weather seems really nice,” she said with a smile as she enjoyed the visuals of the video.

2. Practical Effects

The story of “LOCO” is about someone who is “crazy in love.” To convey this feeling, ITZY begins the video a bit more “quietly crazy” and becomes “loudly loco” as the video goes on. There are many small moments that suggest this change in personality for the girls, including Ryujin‘s change to bold, blonde bangs and Lia‘s destruction of her clothes and lipstick.

Lia loved the lipstick scene so much that she pointed it out to her members, saying, “Did you see that? Crushing the lipstick?” When asked if she was indeed the one who crushed the lipstick, Lia proudly replied, “that was really me.” While some may be afraid to get their hands dirty, Lia is clearly very okay with a little bit of mess.

3. A Moment Of Silence For The Sound Editors… Literally!

Confetti bursts are common in K-Pop, with most music shows ending performances in a shower of glitter. For this MV, they opted for caution tape instead to add to the more dangerous nature of the video. During the second chorus, a large burst of caution tape goes off that ITZY revealed was incredibly loud to film.

Yeji mentioned that “the sound of that explosion was really loud,” which they all agreed with. Lia revealed that she thought it was so loud that it might make its way into the MV, but not because it was too hard to edit out. “You know, when there’s this pause in music videos,” she said, explaining that the sound was so powerful that she thought they might use it in the actual MV.

4. The Fallen Light

At the end of the MV, the girls end up outside of the boyfriend’s house on a stage singing to get his attention. Ryujin shared that, while all the spotlights may look cool, not all of them chose to cooperate on the day of filming.

There’s this flashing thing behind the truck,” she explained, “one of them kept falling.” However, this problematic light didn’t stop the director, who decided, “Hey, just leave it! We’ll use CG!” If Ryujin hadn’t shared this, who knows if we’d have noticed this troublesome light!

5. Rain On Me

Lights weren’t the only struggle the girls faced at the end of the MV. While the scenes on stage in the MV looked clean and put together, Chaeryeong revealed that the girls were showing off more acting in the MV than fans might think.

When we were looking up at the camera, it was raining hard,” she said. She even said that they ended up squinting while looking at the camera just to keep the rain out of their eyes. The effects team pulled through, however, and none of that troublesome weather showed through in the final cut of the MV.

If ITZY watching their video taught us anything, it’s to have a deeper appreciation for how much work is involved in making our favorite K-Pop MVs. Did any of these tricks surprise you? Let us know, and to see ITZY’s full reaction to “LOCO”, check out the video below: