5 Creepy Korean Urban Legends Guaranteed To Give You Horrifying Nightmares

Be warned – you might not be able to look at some things the same again after reading these five creepy tales!

1. Slit-Mouthed Woman

slit mouth lady

The story goes that children walking alone late at night will be stopped by this mysterious woman with a red surgical face mask on. She will stop the child and ask “Am I pretty?”.

If the child responds no, she will kill him with a pair of scissors. If he response yes, she will remove her mask and reveal that her face has been slit from ear to ear.

 After prompting again, if the child responds no, she will cut him in half; if he responds yes, she will cut his mouth open just like hers.

slit mouth 2

Don’t even think about running away – she will simply reappear in front of you.

2. Two Down

At the scene of a serious car accident, a man found a photograph of a beautiful girl with her hands in a peace sign.

He decided that the picture was lovely and kept it with him in his car. A few days later, he had a fatal car accident.


Another young man saw the photograph and decided to keep it. This time though, the picture was the young girl with three fingers up…

3. Organ Harvesting Taxis


This urban legend gained immense popularity after a shared KakaoTalk conversation of a friendly warning of taxi cabs being known to harvest customer organs.

As retold in the conversation, a drunk man who took a cab around the City Hall was stabbed in the neck with a needle.

Next thing he knew, he was abandoned in a farm field and bleeding from his stomach.

It does not end there however, as a visit to the doctor revealed one of his kidneys had been taken.

4. Fan Death

fan death

Never go to bed with a fan on – according to Korean tales, doing so will lead to what is called “fan death.”

While this may seem absurd, believers of the legend have pieced together a reasoning behind it. Supposedly the fan creates a vortex that pulls oxygen away from the helpless sleeper, leaving her to die by suffocation and hypothermia.

5. The Currency Ghost

The story goes, a Mr. Kim of the Korean Mint was away on a business trip when his daughter was abducted, dismembered, and murdered. Unfortunately the culprit was never caught.

To appease her ghost, it is said that the Mint placed images of her various body parts into the prints of Korean currency.


10kwon zoon In the,000 won note, a pair of legs can be seen hidden in the sleeve of King Sejong’s robe.

10won name
Supposedly the last name “Kim” is engraved in the 10 won coin.

Her English name “Min” is hidden in the plant.

100won coin
Upon a close investigation, her facial features are shown in the upside-down beard.

Crane’s feet or her hands and arms?


The daughter’s English name Min is printed at the bottom.

Reportedly, the Mint has refuted any claims of this story.

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