5 Creepy Korean Urban Legends That Will Give You Goosebumps

Spoiler: They all end with death.

K-Pop rapper and YouTuber Grace Kim shares a lot of interesting information on her channel GRAZY TV. From discussing the cringey things Korean couples do to sharing how she believes Dispatch gets their information, Grace doesn’t hold back.

1. Fan Death

Source: Ava Sol/Unplash

Arguably one of Korea’s most infamous urban legends, fan death is the belief that you’ll die if you sleep with the fan on overnight. Reasons for exactly why you’ll die vary, but the end result is always the same.

2. Red ink curse

Source: Bailey Heedick/Unsplash

Writing your name in red ink is bad luck because traditionally, deceased family member’s names are written with red ink in the family registry.

3. Holding the elevator

Source: Charles/Unsplash

There’s an urban legend about a man getting on the elevator after you, with him going to the floor just before yours. As he disembarks at his floor, you see him pull out a knife before he ominously says, “I’ll see you soon.” Knowing that he’ll take the stairs to your floor, you are unable to do anything but accept impending doom.

4. Toilet paper demon

Source: Michael Jasmund/Unsplash

There’s an urban legend about a demon who lives in toilets. It will ask you if you prefer red or blue toilet paper, and unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to leave the bathroom until you answer. If you say red, you will be skinned alive. If you say blue, you’ll be choked to death.

5. Taxi organ harvesting

Source: Lexi Ruskell/Unsplash

There is an urban legend that if you fall asleep in a taxi, they will take you to an unknown location where you will be medicated and be relieved of some of your organs.

Have you ever heard of these urban myths? Some of them are really scary, right?

Watch the video below to watch her bust the myths and share her thoughts on each topic below: