The Top 5 Cutest Interactions Between Red Velvet & IZ*ONE

It’s adorable how much these groups fangirl over each other!

Red Velvet and IZ*ONE aren’t just two of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop—they’re also big fans of each other. Here are five of the most heart-melting interactions between them.


1. Wendy & Sakura on “Everyone’s Kitchen”

When Wendy guest starred on Everyone’s Kitchen, which Sakura was a regular on, co-host Kang Hodong said he’d never seen the IZ*ONE star so happy and welcoming.

Sakura has always been a ReVeluv, so meeting Wendy was a dream come true. She was shy at first, but the two quickly became warm friends.

Sakura even proved how big of a fan she is by dancing to “Red Flavor” and “Bad Boy” by Wendy’s side.


2. Joy, Seulgi & Yena on “Prison Life of Fools”

Seulgi and Joy also guested on a TV show with an IZ*ONE member: Prison Life of Fools with Yena.

Naturally, Yena was super nervous and excited to meet her sunbaenims. But little did she know, Seulgi was a fan of her too after seeing how cute she looked on the show.

ReVeluv Yena couldn’t resist dancing to “Dumb Dumb” with the Red Velvet pair.

A few months after meeting their idols on TV, Yena and Sakura both bragged to each other about who got the best Red Velvet selfie.


3. Wonyoung & Seulgi talking at ISAC

Wonyoung and Seulgi may have a ten-year age gap, but that didn’t stop them from chatting to each other while awaiting their turn at the Idol Star Athletics Championships last year.

Always the sweetheart, Seulgi even took care of the maknae, helping to cool her down with a cute, pink fan.


4. Red Velvet signing albums for Sakura

There’s no denying how far fans will go for IZ*ONE. One WIZ*ONE was so passionate about connecting Sakura with her idols, they got themselves into a Red Velvet fansign and asked the members to sign an album just for Sakura. Seulgi wrote that she’s a fan of Sakura too and wished her luck for promotions.

Joy and Yeri both thanked Sakura with cute hearts and smiley faces.

The fan couldn’t quite make out what Wendy wrote, though it seems like her messy scrawl suggests she wants to go to the Han River or Namsan with Sakura.

And Irene, who Sakura is the biggest fan of, left a very sweet message with a big heart: “Thank you for liking me Kkura-yang”. The WIZ*ONE even made sure the album came with an Irene photocard.


5. Chaeyeon freaking out over Seulgi

Chaeyeon only got to hold hands with Seulgi for a second at this awards show, but as soon as the greeting was over, she broke out into a flustered panic over her excitement.

It was definitely a moment that stuck with Chaeyeon, since she even mentioned shaking Seulgi’s hand in an interview and named herself a successful fan.

She must have been even happier when she watched Red Velvet’s Weekly Idol episode, where Seulgi named Chaeyeon as one of the best girl group dancers in K-Pop.