5+ Diss Tracks That Targeted K-Pop Idols

Number 1’s career practically ended after she released her diss track.

While diss tracks aren’t usually released by K-Pop idols, there have been a few who released absolute savage ones. Although idols have released diss tracks targeting certain people, they’ve also been the targets of certain diss tracks. Here are a few diss tracks that targeted K-Pop idols.

1. Kemy (A.KOR) dissing Park Bom (Former member of 2NE1)

In 2014, Park Bom made headlines for her past of smuggling amphetamine tablets from the United States. While amphetamine is legal in the United States, they are illegal in South Korea. Even though Park Bom explained that they were used for a medical condition she was dealing with, netizens still bashed her.

While this was occurring, a rookie rapper decided to release a diss track about Park Bom. This rapper’s name was Kemy, and she’s a part of the group A.KOR. Kemy took multiple shots at Park Bom, such as saying she’s obsessed with plastic surgery.

Kemy also targeted Park Bom’s drug scandal and how she was being let off easy because she’s from YG Entertainment.

This didn’t end well for Kemy or A.KOR, as they were harshly criticized for dissing their seniors. The group never recovered from this incident and were always viewed negatively.

Here is the full diss track below.

2. Tymee dissing most idol rappers

Most idol rappers have been viewed negatively by hip hop artists, as they view them as fake rappers. A problem with idol rappers it that a lot of them end up rapping just because they aren’t great vocalists. Another problem regarding idol rappers is that a lot of them don’t write their lyrics, which is a big thing to hip hop artists. Rapper Tymee decided to release a diss track targeting idol rappers, except for Zico.

Here is the full diss track below.

3. Iron dissing G-Dragon and T.O.P (BIGBANG)

Iron made some headlines when he released his song “System”. The song was a diss track directed at BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon and T.O.P. Iron dissed how G-Dragon got off easy for his marijuana scandal, as well as how he viewed T.O.P as talentless.

Iron’s life went spiraling down after this, as he got bashed for the song. Iron also got arrested in 2017 for assaulting his girlfriend.

Here is the full diss track below.

4. Bobby (iKON), Ravi (VIXX), and RM (BTS)

Bobby released his song “YGGR#HipHop”, and a few of his lyrics looked like he was targeting a certain boy group.

It was assumed that VIXX’s Ravi was the target of these lyrics.

Ravi soon released a track responding to Bobby. Ravi didn’t diss Bobby in his track, as he had no interest in fighting with Bobby.

Bobby also once released a diss track targeting BTS’s RM, where he referenced RM (Rap Monster) and bulletproof glass.

This prompted RM to respond to Bobby.

There were no hard feelings between RM and Bobby, as RM revealed that the two thought it was more entertaining than malicious.

Here are all the diss tracks below.

5. C Jamm & SuperBee dissing Tablo (Epik High)

Tablo might not be a K-Pop idol, but he has been the target of multiple diss tracks. A YouTube channel by the name of “Show Me The Won” compiled some of the moments where Tablo got targeted. The main two rappers that targeted Tablo are C Jamm and SuperBee. The reason Tablo was targeted was that C Jamm and SuperBee thought that Tablo unfairly eliminated SuperBee during Show Me The Money.

There is more in the full video below.