5 Facts You May Not Know About MCND’s Maknae Win

Watch this little baby grow!

Although MCND is a rookie group in the K-Pop industry, these boys have been working hard at their craft way before their debut. Here are some facts you might not have known about WIN.

Win (Bang Jun Hyuk) was born on December 19, 2004, making him the youngest out of the group. His family consists of his mother, father, younger sister and brother. He attends Hanlim Arts School and is blood type B. His position in the group is sub rapper but is also a great dancer.

Curious about WIN pre-debut? Here are some cute photos of him during his younger years.


Some may remember him from the survival show UNDER NINETEEN, but he left the show after episode 12 due to health reasons. Can you believe this is when he was only 13 years old?

And yes, he is the guys that kissed Yechan on the show UNDER NINETEEN.

2. Deep Voice/Rap

Unlike his cute visuals, he actually has quite a deep voice despite being a middle school student. His deep voice has shocked many new fans as it was something totally unexpected from someone so young.

With this type of power and energy, it’s hard to believe that he was born in 2004!

3. Aegyo

“Aegyo” is somewhat of a signature move that maknae’s are able to pull off because they are the youngest. Win seems to be doing a great job with this one!

4. Duality

His duality on and off camera is strong in this little one. We’re excited to see how he goes as time goes by!

Off cam

On cam

Off cam

On cam

5. Dance

Although he is a rapper, his dance skills are exceptionally good. He started from this:

To this:

We think he’s improved quite a bit, wouldn’t you?

Hopefully you got some more insight to this cute little maknae from MCND! Stay tuned to see how he grows as a person and as the maknae of this new super rookie group.