5 Of The Most Famous Backup Dancers In K-Pop

They’re almost as popular as the artists themselves!

Backup dancers rarely get enough credit for their amazing skills and razor-sharp choreography. Though, there are some backup dancers that are so impressive that they’ve gained followings of their own.

1. Joo Yuri

Yuri is best known for her work with Sunmi. One of her most famous moments was when she suggested to Sunmi that they perform a version of ‘Gashina’ with the genders of the backup dancers reversed. This resulted in this famous moment…

Yuri is so popular that she’s even gotten her own fancams!

Yuri has previously worked with Block B, PSY, Super Junior, RAIN, Wonder Girls, 4MINUTE and Suzy. As well as having amazing skills, she is also beautiful which has everyone wondering why she isn’t an idol herself.

2. Cha Hyunseung

Cha Hyunseung is another one of Sunmi’s backup dancers. He captured the hearts of the Korean public during Sunmi’s performance at a waterbomb festival in 2018.

He’s been a dance partner of Sunmi since 2013. People love his sexiness and dancing skills which came to the forefront during this performance of “24 Hours”.

He also did an underwear photo shoot. Cha Hyunseung is not afraid to flaunt it.

But now, many Korean entertainment fans will recognize him from Netflix’s reality romance show Single’s Inferno, where he tried to woo Song Ji Ah‘s heart away from his good friend Kim Hyun Joong.

3. Kasper

Kasper is a backup dancer and choreographer for many SM artists, including EXO. He has a well-known friendship with EXO’s Lay that fans find adorable. Here is a picture of him with Chanyeol, he’s very good looking!

He featured very prominently in the dance music video for Taeyeon’s “Why”.

With over a million followers on Instagram, Kasper has a huge fanbase of his own!

4. Jang Juhee

Jang Juhee has worked with Sunmi, BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Seohyun and f(x). She was most prominently the lead dancer in JYP’s “Who’s your Mama” music video.

Juhee is such a charismatic dancer that she often distracts from the artist themselves.

5. Mina Myoung

Mina Myoung was a member of 1Million dance studio, an incredibly popular YouTube dance team.

With over 20 million subscribers on the platform when she was part of the team, it’s safe to say that Mina and the rest of the members weren’t just popular in Korea — they had global renown, and still do today.

She has since departed from 1Million dance studio, but she has her own personal YouTube channel where she makes vlogs. It’s well worth checking out!  She also has her own dance school, mu:tudio.