5 Fan Interactions That Show Being A K-Pop Idol Isn’t For Everyone

It’s not always glitz and glamour.

K-Pop idols are loved by their fans from all over the world. There are countless unforgettable moments with artists and their fans, but occasionally, there are moments that show how difficult it is to be an idol.

1. Lovelyz’s Ryu Su Jeong

Ryu Su Jeong is known for her cute and chubby cheeks, and her fans asked if they could pinch or poke her cheeks. She allowed them to and kept a smile on her face, but it must not always be comfortable having your face touched by many hands.

2. iKON’s Song

While taking a selfie with Song, a fan stood close to the singer and then suddenly kissed him on the cheek. Caught off guard, Song laughed it off so did his members, but the sudden invasion of privacy was most likely not a comfortable situation.

3. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

While performing on stage with her members, Taeyeon was suddenly approached by a mysterious man who pulled her off stage. Fellow member Sunny, who followed after Taeyeon, later said that she could tell the mysterious man was not a staff member because of how forcefully he grabbed her arm and pulled her off stage.

4. 2PM’s Nichkhun

A fan taking a photo with 2PM’s Nickhun held him tight and tried to kiss him. Despite the fan’s sudden attempts, Nickhun and his smile never wavered, and he handled the situation respectfully and professionally.

5. IU

A water bottle hit IU at her concert, but she laughed it off. Later it was revealed that IU said she was thirsty and was trying to catch water bottles thrown by fans. At the wrong moment, a fan accidentally threw a water bottle that hit IU in the face and made her earring fall out. Although it wasn’t intentional, it must have hurt.

The way our favorite K-Pop idols deal with these uncomfortable and even dangerous situations shows their professionalism. Although they are always smiling and showing their best moments on stage and on camera, it must be difficult dealing with unprecedented incidents with fans or strangers, but they continue to smile and be respectful.

Source: Ppomppu