Here Are 5 Female Groups That Rocked An All-Tennis Outfit Concept

They slayed the concept!

K-Pop idols have a wide variety of concepts, and slay every single one! Here are 5 female groups that looked beautiful rocking a tennis outfit as part of their concept!

1. Red Velvet

For the group’s 2016 promotions with “Russian Roulette”, Red Velvet rocked an tennises outfit as part of their comeback concept, and totally slayed!


For LOONA‘s debut with “Hi High” in 2018, the girls all donned similar tennis outfits and looked absolutely adorable in them!

3. Apink

In 2014, Apink released their hit song, “Mr. Chu”, with a cute tennis-court themed MV, with outfits to match!

4. AOA

In 2015, AOA made a comeback with the song “Heart Attack”. The accompanying MV was sports-themed, and the girls looked great in tennis outfits!

5. I.O.I

In 2016, I.O.I released the song “Very, Very, Very”, and had charming tennis outfits as part of their concept!