These 5 Female Idols Have Such Amazing Bodies, Netizens Call Them The Korean Kardashians

Say hello to Korea’s Kardashians!

These idols all boast amazing bodies, many agree that they are Korea’s Kardashians!

1. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Not only is she considered a “Korean Kardashian”, she is also called the “Korean Beyonce” for her singing ability and her thin waist and voluptuous thighs.

2. Apink’s Jung Eunji

Eunji is known to be an exercise addict, and the idol herself has said that she is good with dieting and takes care of her body by working out.

3. TWICE’s Jihyo

An idol who was once slandered by her weight during her early debut days, many are now envious of Jihyo‘s figure and many agree she is getting prettier and prettier each day.

4. MOMOLAND’s Nancy

Many are saying that Nancy‘s “Apple Hips” is ideal and the goals of many women. Born to an American father and Korean mother, some believe her godly proportions are thanks to her mixed-blood.

5. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy‘s long legs, amazing shoulders, and irresistible S-line have fans and netizens alike falling for her, and many believe she has the ideal body that women aim for.