These 5 Female Idols Give Off The Biggest “Crazy Rich Asian” Princess Vibe

And they look amazing doing it

While all K-Pop idols are unique, charming, and beautiful in their own ways, there are undeniably some that exude a particular aura of wealth, status, visuals, and confidence. Whether or not they actually are all of these things is up for debate, but when an idol dresses, acts, and holds themselves a certain way, it can give the impression of them practically being some kind of royalty! And there’s nothing wrong with that — we could all use some modern-day princesses to look up to. Here are 5 female K-Pop idols that exude that “crazy rich Asian” vibe.

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Already known as the “princess” of YG Entertainment, it’s probably not a huge surprise that Jennie is on this list!

She’s also sometimes given the title of the “Korean version of Gossip Girls‘s Blair”, with a charming, irresistible high-class aura and stunning visuals.

Whenever she wears high-end styles like Gucci and Chanel, there’s no doubting that she looks effortlessly flawless in such expensive brands.

2. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

As the most experienced idol on this list with the longest career, Seohyun was one of the very first female K-Pop celebrities to ooze with this elegant, charming sort of vibe.

Netizens have claimed that she could easily pass an audition for a role in a K-Drama as the “oldest, smartest, sassiest daughter of the richest family in town” — which may sound like an insult to some, but really, it just means she easily pulls of a high-class visual!

Even though Girls’ Generation isn’t promoting as actively as they have in the past, Seohyun still deserves attention and recognition for her stunning looks and poised personality.

3. ITZY’s Lia

Unlike Seohyun, rookie idol Lia has more of a rich-girl maknae princess kind of vibe, with her porcelain doll-like features and youthful glow.

She has a bright, excitable personality to go along with her elegant looks, which is highly contagious to those that follow her!

Sadly, she’s recently been accused of being a “lazy” dancer, something that Jennie has also struggled with, but fans of ITZY know that her style of dance might just be less hard-hitting and more airy than her co-members, which makes her seem even more like a princess.

4. TWICE’s Mina

Netizens have claimed that Mina seems to exude a sort of “well-educated, well-rounded, well-brought up” kind of vibe, and we’re all for it!

She’s undeniably gorgeous, and one fan even joked that she looks like someone who would take business classes so she could take over her parents’ chaebol company (which is a large, highly successful family-owned business conglomerate).

With the way she dresses, too, she looks like she would fit right into some kind of modern-day princess tale!

5. f(x)’s Krystal

Like Seohyun, Krystal is one of the original K-Pop idols in the industry to be known for her “ice princess”-like visuals and energy.

She played the role of a rich inheritor in the K-Drama The Heirs, which only further exacerbated this sort of reputation that she has.

Even in real life, however, she still flawlessly pulls off a confident, poised, elegant sort of visual even with more than a decade’s worth of experience in the K-Pop industry.