These 5 Female Idols Each Represent A Different Kind Of Sexy But They’ll Leave You Breathless All The Same

Save us… or don’t.

“Sexy” in K-Pop has a thousand grades. From cutie-sexy to sexy-sexy, idols have long been pulling off different types of sexy concepts. And of them all, these 5 female idols have become the most iconic in their respective “sexy” concepts. Check out how each of them represent a different kind of sexy – but in the end, they all leave you breathless.


1. Mature Sexy

Former Nine Muses member Kyungri is unrivaled in the sexy-sexy department of K-Pop. With her mesmerizing eyes and an even more mind-blowing physique, Kyungri is an iconic idol when it comes to being the OG mature kind of sexy.


2. Healthy Sexy

Former Girl’s Day member Sojin has that healthy glowy look that has been goals for all of K-Pop fans in the countless summers past. Something about Sojin screams “SEXY AF”, but at the same time she boasts that bright and energetic vibe. And when combined, K-Pop fans get the beloved Sojin’s signature kind of healthy-sexy!


3. Cute Sexy

TWICE‘s Sana will forever be K-Pop’s most beloved “cutie-sexy”. While constantly bursting with aegyo – Sana can slay on stage as a sexy queen. This clash of two completely opposite worlds create Sana the Queen of Cute & Sexy, Sexy & Cute. Oh, it’s definitely a Sana thing.


4. Shy Sexy

Former AOA member Choa was, is, and always will be a sexy icon in the world of K-Pop. And her kind of shy sexiness – which is bold but timid, out right but subtle, and all other kinds of contradictions – has not yet been paralleled by any other idol star! Her demeanor is fiercely sexy, but her smile is soft – and this “shy-sexy” will continue to charm the K-Pop fans.


5. Mysterious Sexy

Red Velvet‘s Joy has a mysterious type of sexiness that bewitches the fans. Often fueled by her colorful outfits, the way Joy bursts with her aura is actually mesmerizing to watch. Joy’s sexiness isn’t too in-your-face, but it is most surely there – and it will slowly wrap around and leave the fans breathless before they can even realize.

Source: THEQOO