5 Female Idols That Are Intimidating To Men

These women make men nervous!

Sometimes when female idols talk back, show their skin or joke around unexpectedly, men don’t know how to react. Below are some female idols who are known to intimidate men!


1. 9MUSES‘s Kyungri

Kyungri confessed on camera that she thinks men are scared to approach her because of her looks.

She said it upsets her that no male idol flirts with her and thinks it’s because she intimidates them.

She blamed her makeup for being intimidating and she said she would be happy if they complimented her just once!

Kyungri also mentioned on an episode of NamuCast earlier this year that she has to be careful about how she sits while drinking so men don’t misunderstand and think she’s flirting with them!


2. EXID‘s LE

EXID’s LE and Hani.

EXID members were guests on a radio broadcast and admitted they thought other idols were scared of them because of their image – and they blamed LE!

LE admitted her image is very strong so people tend to be scared. She said: “Because our concept isn’t cute and we seem like kids and fight a lot, they get scared. When we’re together, we always make fun of each other like we’re in a boy group. We get into fights and hit each other in the boob, grab each other’s necks, push, things like that. All this can make others think we’re in conflict.

When the news that member Solji was getting married was broadcast, the public saw firsthand how intimidating LE was when she challenged Junghwa for the bouquet!


3. Actress Maeng Seungji

Maeng Seungji made a guest appearance on Infinite Challenge‘s Summer Entertainment camp with 2PM‘s Jun.K, among others.

When he arrived on set, she interviewed him – by pretending to be a reporter who kept calling him “K.Jun” and talking about “cajun salad.”

He didn’t know who she was so she asked “oppa, you don’t know me? We met at the club…!” Jun.K was so flustered that he just turned and walked into the studio!

While it was a hilarious prank, Maeng Seungji’s forwardness was so intimidating to JunK that he couldn’t deal.


4. Girl’s Generation

Girl’s Generation appeared on an episode of Knowing Bros and roasted Kim Heechul for having a sordid history of dating many girls.

They said, “we can go around [our members] twice and each say names of your ex-girlfriends” and Sunny counted on her fingers, saying, “I’m counting the seventh.”

The girls wouldn’t believe Heechul even though he insisted there were rumors about him being gay. They accused him of making up the rumors himself!


5. AOA‘s Seolhyun

Seolhyun made a reporter flustered when she bared her back after he asked a question about her having trouble with her dress.

Then she did her aegyo impression and he was actually speechless!

Source: The Fact