5 Female Idols Who Instantly Became Famous Because Of Viral Fancams

Viral fancams have made these idols incredibly famous!

The term “fancam” refers to videos of performances taken by fans instead of by the broadcasting company. A fancam can greatly influence a group’s popularity, especially if it goes viral.

Here are 5 female idols whose popularity exploded after the release of their fancams.


1. EXID’s Hani – “Up & Down”

The most famous fancam out there, this fancam of EXID’s Hani performing “Up & Down” single-handedly saved the group from potential disbandment. EXID has gone on to become a big success since then.


2. Bambino’s Eunsol

Bambino debuted as a dance group performing at high schools and universities before officially releasing their first single “Oppa, Oppa”. Out of the group’s 4 members, Eunsol received the most attention, especially for this fancam.


3. GFRIEND – “Me Gustas Tu”

GFRIEND’s famous fancam of Yuju falling over and over again, only to get back up and continue performing, gave the group a lot of positive attention for their determination and will. Even after falling 8 times, Yuju still left the stage with a smile.


4. AOA Hyejeong – “Mini Skirt”

Hyejeong definitely increased her popularity through this fancam, showcasing both her charms and her figure.


5. Stellar’s Minhee – “Marionette”

Minhee’s fancam of “Marionette” showed just how sexy she was. Even though the group disbanded, fans can still look back at the group’s performances through these fancams.