5 Female K-Pop Idols With Debuts That You May Not Have Known About

How many of these did you know about?

While it’s quite common for K-Pop idols to debut in multiple groups, there are a few idols whose prior debuts are rarely discussed or talked about. This could be due to the popularity gap between the groups they debuted in, or because a previous debut was just short-lived. Here are a few female K-Pop idols with debuts that you may not have known about.

1. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

While Sooyoung might be known best for being a member of Girls’ Generation, she debuted in a group prior to this. Sooyoung originally debuted in a Japanese-Korean idol group called Route 0 in 2002.

Sooyoung (Left)

Route 0 was only active for a year, as they ended up disbanding in 2003. After the disbandment, Sooyoung returned to SM Entertainment as a trainee. She eventually would make her debut as a member of Girls’ Generation in 2007.

2. Solji (EXID)

Before her debut with EXID, Solji was in a vocal duo called 2NB.

2NB was active for around 4 years before they decided to disband in 2012. After leaving 2NB, Solji was added to EXID, as many members of EXID were leaving the group due to personal reasons.

3. Eunbi (IZ*ONE)

Eunbi made her original debut in 2014 in the group Ye-A, where she went by the stage name Kazoo.

Ye-A’s debut wasn’t very successful, and the group ended up disbanding less than a year after their debut. After Ye-A’s disbandment, Eunbi eventually found her way to Woollim Entertainment. This is where she trained for multiple years before she appeared on Produce 48, which is the program that created IZ*ONE.

Eunbi ended up being one of the most popular trainees on the show, as she placed 7th in the finale, which made her an official member of IZ*ONE.

4. Chaekyung (APRIL)

Chaekyung has been in multiple groups before APRIL, as she was in 3 different groups prior. Chaekyung originally debuted as a member of PURETTY in 2012, but the group ended up disbanding in 2014.

Chaekyung then made some headlines when she participated in Produce 101, which is the program that created I.O.I. Chaekyung was quite popular on the show, as she almost became a member of I.O.I, placing 16th in the finale of the show.

Chaekyung was also a part of the project groups C.I.V.A and I.B.I before her eventual debut with APRIL.

5. Soojin [(G)I-DLE]

This one might not count, as Soojin technically never made a debut before (G)I-DLE. However, Soojin was originally going to be a member of VIVIDIVA under the stage name N.NA.

Soojin ended up leaving the company right before the group debuted. She eventually found her way to Cube Entertainment, which is where she made her debut as a member of (G)I-DLE.