These 5 Girl Group Members Were Caught Acting Cute And Their Members Were NOT Having It

They’re tired of it.

If you’re a K-Pop fan, you’ll know that almost every group has done aegyo during their careers. While fans love it, members of the group have no problem showing off their judgement towards the member who does it. Here are 5 instances in which girl group members were caught acting cute by their members.

1. Solji and LE (EXID)

During a trip to a music program, EXID‘s Solji decided to treat fans to some aegyo. While she looked absolutely adorable…

… leader LE was NOT having it and didn’t hide her judgement!

2. Dahyun and Jeongyeon (TWICE)

During an end-of-the-year awards show, TWICE were seen standing at the front. Members Chaeyeon and Jeongyeon were seen holding out flowers. Cheeky Dahyun saw the two and decided to put her hands by her face, showing that she herself is the flower.

Jeongyeon was not impressed.

3. Wheein and Hwasa (MAMAMOO)

During their appearance on Mnet‘s Queendom, they showed a scene in which Wheein showed off her aegyo by singing the lyrics of the other group’s song. Hwasa looked confused and stared at her member blankly, giving no reaction to Wheein’s attempt at being cute.

4. Sowon and all of GFRIEND

During a radio show, Sowon decided to give fans a treat by doing some aegyo. She puffed her cheeks out and put her hands on her cheeks, making her look absolutely adorable.

Despite being the eldest and the leader, the members couldn’t hide their judgement, staring at Sowon blankly.

5. Sunny, Hyeyeon and Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation)

During Girls’ Generation’s appearance on Happy Together, Sunny showed off once more how she is the queen of aegyo. Though most loved it, host Hyungmo pointed out the member’s reactions.

It appears Hyeyeon and Sooyoung have had enough of Sunny’s aegyo!

Source: Instiz