These Are The 4 Hairstyles K-Netz Want Their Bias To Avoid

They hope their bias never get these hairdos.

Netizens have chosen which four hairstyles they’d rather their bias never have.

1. Mullets

Though mullets became a trend during 2018, with idols such as GOT7‘s JB and SEVENTEEN‘s The8 rocking it, many netizens agree that they’d much rather leave the mullets in 2018.

2. Dreads and Braids

Some idols who previously had dreads and/or braids include PENTAGON‘s Yuto and EXO‘s Kai. Many fans agree that it doesn’t flatter K-Pop idols, with some wondering if its cultural appropriation.

3. Top-Knot/Man Bun

An idol who idol the top-knot is BIGBANG‘s G-DRAGON. Fans are saying that it makes idols look messy and would much rather they keep their hair down.

4. Long Hair

An idol who famously rocked long hair is SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan. Though he looked amazing with it, many fans agree that he was able to show his manly charms more with short hair and would much rather their biases keep their hair short.

Source: TheQoo