5 Heartbreaking Moments from No Mercy That Every Monbebe Will Remember

Here are 5 moments from No Mercy in case you needed to cry today.

No Mercy lived up to its name and spared absolutely no one- not the contestants, not the judges, and not even the viewers. For those who may not be familiar, Starship’s No Mercy pit 13 trainees against each other for a chance to be in the final 7-member boy group, MONSTA X.

MONSTA X’s first official picture as a group shared on Starship’s Facebook page.

While the show was a constant rollercoaster of emotion, here are 5 heartbreaking moments that’ll put you right back in your feels.

1. Yunho’s Elimination

Yunho was the longest-training trainee in the bunch, so his elimination was especially heart-wrenching. Even K.Will struggled to announce his elimination without choking up.

2.  #Gun’s Elimination

#Gun’s elimination was shocking to many & seeing Jooheon look away as his best friend was eliminated in the final round was almost too hard to watch. #Gun was definitely a front runner in the competition,

3. IM crying after Jooheon finally opens up to him.

IM was thrusted into the heat of the competition more than halfway through, and faced ostracism from the other trainees. After losing three of their friends in the competition, they couldn’t bring themselves accept IM and took their frustrations out on him.

During a rap-writing session alone with IM, Jooheon finally opens up and gives advice to his new member.

Jooheon explains to IM his and the other members’ thoughts about him, and encourages him to push through for their acceptance.

IM breaks down in tears of happiness as he could finally feel the wall between him and the other trainees falling.

This is a moment that doesn’t get enough attention. I still haven’t stopped crying. Some of y’all have never been shunned, and it shows.

 4. Wonho breaking down over his family situation.

Wonho revealed that his family went bankrupt while he was training, which pushed him even harder to debut.

Wonho’s situation really puts into perspective some of the struggles that idol trainees and their families face. Everyone has to pitch in and make sacrifices to create an idol – not just the companies. It takes a village!

5. Minkyun’s Elimination

Arguably the most emotional elimination of the entire show.

After the 3rd debut mission, tensions and emotions were at an all-time high. During an impromptu intermission called by MC K.Will, almost every member on the losing team was in tears.

“Next time, lets win” Jooheon tearfully encourages Minkyun during the intermission

With Jooheon promising a crying Minkyun that they’d win the next challenge just moments before Minkyun’s elimination, this elimination just hits different.

Well, with that painful stroll down memory lane past us, let’s all continue to support MONSTA X as well as the eliminated trainees in their current endeavors.