5 Heartwarming Moments In BTS Music Videos

These moments in BTS music videos had us smiling from ear to ear.

BTS music videos have their fair share of tear jerking occasions but they also have some moments that warm your heart. Here are five moments that had us smiling from ear to ear.

#5 – When V gets the girl in “War of Hormone”

All of the boys are trying to flirt with this girl in the music video for “War of Hormone”. In the end, its V who captures her affection much to the chagrin of his fellow BTS members. This is the exact opposite of what happens in “Beautiful”, another BTS video in which V scares off the girl which is a nice touch.

#4 – When BTS fight off their tyrannical supervisors in “N.O”

After being forced to take pills by evil supervisors, BTS take a stand and begin to fight back against their oppression. Seeing them stand up for themselves had us all overjoyed.

#3 – When RM helps V up in the prologue for “Run”

Before “Run” was released, BigHit released a special 11 minute long video to advance the plot of these music videos. V’s character is having a tough time but luckily he has his friends with him to pick him back up.

#2 – When BTS take a group picture in “Euphoria” 

Seeing BTS trickle in one by one to take the group photo in “Euphoria” was a special moment. It really emphasised their great friendship in that moment.

#1 – When J-Hope wraps a blanket around Jimin in the prologue for “Run”

This moment also in the prologue for “Run” shows J-Hope caring for Jimin by wrapping a blanket around him so he doesn’t get cold.

What moments in BTS music videos warmed your heart?