5 Of The Most Hilarious BTS CFs

BTS always deliver hilarity when asked to advertise.

BTS are obviously a product in demand for brands that wish to capitalise on their success. These are some of the funniest CFs that BTS have done.

#5 – BTS for BBQ

In this CF for BBQ, is running from something only to be greeted by Jin wielding a piece of chicken when he arrives at his hotel room.

I hope they have enough chicken for V…

#4 – BTS for SK Telecom Nugu Assistant

BTS’ CF for SKT’s personal assistant is full of hilarity. From J-Hope being told that it is snowing when he wants to go surfing…

to Jin trying to convince Suga that he’s busy tomorrow despite the Nugu telling him he is free all day.

#3 – BTS for BBQ again

You can’t look anywhere in this CF for BBQ coconut chicken without giggling. J-Hope rocking out on the ukulele…

…and Suga getting a ukulele of his own and using it to jam with Jungkook.

#2 – BTS (and Jessi) for SK Telecom

This SK Telecom CF by BTS and Jessi is iconic for multiple reasons. First of all, the little dance battle they have at the start.

…and then the rap battle between BTS and Jessi which Jungkook interestingly leads for BTS.

But in the end, they unite for the common goal of selling data plans!

#1 – BTS (and Gfriend) for Smart School Uniforms

Almost everyone is aware by now of this legendary BTS collaboration with Gfriend for Smart school uniforms. It features some goofy dancing…

…but V certainly seemed to enjoy it.

We can see from this hilarious fancam that although Suga pretends to hate this song, he secretly loves it.