5 Hilarious Moments Of Idols Snatching Their Own Wigs… Literally

It’s a little too hilarious when their hair extensions take that slow dive to the floor while they’re dancing.

With all the heavy dancing that K-Pop idols constantly have to do, mishaps on stage (like wardrobe malfunctions, choreography mistakes, etc) here and there can happen. Some mishaps though, like an idol’s hair extensions falling off, are so hilarious that the idols themselves can’t stop laughing at the embarrassing moment! They’re constantly snatching our wigs, so here are 5 idols who snatched their own wigs…quite literally!

1) Girls Generation’s Seohyun

During a performance of their hit song “The Boys” in Los Angeles, Seohyun was going full-force at the choreography, hitting sharp move after move!

But a little bit into their performance, Seohyun feels something dropping lower…and lower…until she herself has to reach out and grab her hair extension and drop it down on the stage floor!

Her fellow members Sooyoung and Jessica could not stop from laughing at the expense of their maknae, and Seohyun finally took off mid-performance for a few seconds to toss the rogue extension backstage!

2) Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet stopped in New Jersey as a part of their REDMARE tour in the month of February this year. The group performed all their hit songs, including their 2017 track “Rookie”. About half a minute into their performance, Seulgi‘s clip-in hair extensions clipped off, right into her hands!

After tossing it to the floor in front of her, she continued the performance like the pro she is! Seulgi, Irene, Yeri and Joy, however, couldn’t stop laughing at the extension just lying there, until Irene moved it elsewhere to keep the entire group from bowling over in hysterics!

3) Brave Girl’s Minyoung

BRAVE GIRLS promoted on music shows during their “High Heels” era. During one performance, Minyoung‘s extensions fell right off onto the floor…and she didn’t even notice!

It was Yujeong who noticed it after almost tripping on it, and during the bridge, smoothly tossed it behind her without breaking formation!

While the hair extension malfunction is hilarious in itself, what really sent people off was the hand that sneakily reached out and quickly yanked it backstage!

4) Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon

In an episode of Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2, Hyoyeon and former KARA member Nicole were engaged in a heated dance battle. Both killed their dance moves, perfect for variety shows!

During a particularly intense dance move, where Hyoyeon made a turn and swung her hair, some of it decided that it no longer wanted to be part of the performance…and her extension neatly hightailed it out of her hair, and straight onto the floor!

5) TWICE’s Sana

While performing their hit track “Knock Knock”, Sana‘s hair extension got caught in her bracelet and made the slow, wavy dive down to the floor!

She cooly ignored it and continued her performance like a pro, and only after the performance did she quickly stoop and pick up the pieces of her hair that escaped! Sana made a hasty exit after, and Dahyun and Chaeyoung could not stop laughing as they followed her off-stage too!

Well, these idols keep snatching our wigs, it’s about time they learned their impact for themselves, too!